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Dương Nghệ Lý

Youth Projects Director

Dương Nghệ Lý is currently a Youth Projects Director for our Philadelphia office. Duong has nearly four years of experience working with high-school youth. Dương graduated from the University of Pennsylvania studying Sociology with a concentration on Structural Opportunities and Inequality and minoring in Asian American Studies. Dương has received awards for his work in activism and community engagement as a high school and college student, including the Heroes of the Year award (as a co-recipient, by Philadelphia Magazine, 2010); the Princeton Prize in Race Relations (by Princeton University, 2011); the Freedom from Fear Award (as a co-recipient, by Public Interest Projects, 2011); the Hope for Future Generations award (by Philadelphia Magazine, 2011); the Undergraduate Rising Leader Award (by the Penn Pan-Asian American Community House, 2012); and the Community Involvement award (by the Penn Pan-Asian American Community House, 2013). As an undergraduate as Penn, he completed a capstone research project laying out a theoretical framework on youth political development for BPSOS-Delaware Valley and testing its effectiveness through interviews and surveys.